Web Interface to MARC.pm

This form provides an interface to MARC.pm which is a Perl utility for performing conversions on bibliographic records that are in the MARC format. For more information on MARC.pm please go to the module's homepage.

This interface to MARC.pm should accept either single records or batches of limited size (depending upon network conditions of course).

After you submit your request the MARC.pm on this server will process your file, and then send the converted records back to you. You should be prompted to choose a location to save the records on your PC after you click on the submit button. Or, if you convert to HTML or EXTRACTURLS your results will be displayed in your browser.

NOTE: Unfortunately not all browsers implement the upload file feature in the same way. Please let us know if you encounter problems. Also, if you recieve a server error the format you are submitting may be invalid. Again, please let us know if you run into any difficulties since MARC.pm is still a work in progress

ANOTHER NOTE: The MARC->DC is entirely experimental. Let us know if you'd like it enhanced.

Select the type of conversion you would like to perform

Use the Browse button to locate the input file on your computer

Click on the submit button to submit your file.

Ed Summers
Chas McFadden
last updated: 8/10/1999